Garlic And Greens

“So happy with this soup, Garlic and Greens! After taste test I added leeks, rainbow chard and some vegetable stock. This was so good and inspiring I wish I had bought more. You may even get me to try borscht (never tried yet believed would not like). Thank you for this righteous, bodacious soup!” — Anne.
“Hi Mel! It’s Lisa from Lisa, Rhett and Cooper Inc. Just wanted to let you know that we had our garlic and greens soup for part of our dinner tonight and it was STELLAR. The flavor was really complex and kept building as we ate it. Can’t wait to enjoy more of your amazing soups!!” — Lisa


Mel’s most popular soup also makes a great sauce.


Organic Ingredients: Onions, celery, yam, lacinato kale, chard, coconut milk (coconut milk, water), lemon juice, filtered water, garlic, ginger.