Mel of Mel O’Soup has become a health geek and food connoisseur. The path that brought her to this place was her own allergies and sensitivities. In the 16 years that she has volunteered at the co-op she has learned so much about the many food options available to us. She has been making soup and storing it in jars for years and knows the convenience and satisfaction of this practice; now it’s time to share.


Mel O’Soup is committed to providing amazing organic soup in glass jars for the Olympia area. One of our goals is to shift paradigms in favor of supporting the vitality of our environments and communities through, increasing the value of our local farms. Mel always uses local produce when in season.

Food can be medicine and that is why Mel O’Soup soup options are free of sugar, salt, grains, and common allergens as well as being low in carbohydrates.